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Farmers Branch Family | McAllister

This family is beyond words, adorable! Then again, I may be a little biased because they are my family! We are so excited to be adding another sweet girl to the family soon! McAllister Family 1 McAllister Family 2 McAllister Family 3 McAllister Family 4

Farmers Branch Family | Horn

I loved having the opportunity to photograph this sweet family at our Farmers Branch location. I can’t believe how much these kids have grown, it was only a few months ago that I was shooting Finley’s new born session! .
Horn family 1 Horn family 2 Horn family 3

Farmers Branch Newborn | Salamat Family

Baby Ayla is here! Congratulations Salamat family for your new bundle of joy! Ayla is so sweet and this family is always so great to photograph! Salamat newborn 1 Salamat newborn 2 Salamat newborn 3

One Year | Alicia

Happy one year Alicia! It has been such a blessing to watch this sweet girl grow! Not only is Alicia an adorable model but she is rocking that tutu! Too cute!!Alicia one year 1 Alicia one year 2 Alicia one year 3

One Year | Thurston

One years old! Where has the time gone, it feels like just yesterday I was photographing Thurston’s  newborn session. This session was so much fun, he could not have looked cuter in those suspenders and who doesn’t love a good cake smash.
Thurston 1 Thurston 2

Farmers Branch Quinceanera | Mozqueda Family

Congratulations to this sweet girl! I had a blast shooting this Gatsby styled quinceanera at our Farmers Branch Location! The dress was stunning, your smile was bright, and I loved the look for this session from the lantern in the tree to the flowers! Mozqueda 1 Mozqueda 2 Mozqueda 3

Farmers Branch | Dylan

Hey soccer fans! Not only is Dylan so adorable but he has mad skill with a soccer ball! I had so much fun photographing Dylan at our Farmers Branch location and may have learned a thing or two 😉 So watch out soccer world Dylan is coming at ya!
Dylan Lopez 1 Dylan Lopez 2

Farmers Branch Newborn | Zancana Family

Hooray! Baby Zancana is here! I had the honor to photograph  John and Caitlin’s wedding in 2013 and now was time to photograph their new bundle of joy!  I loved the Zancana Rangers jerseys and the bow tie was too cute! Zancana 1 Zancana 2 Zancana 3 Zancana 4

My Farmers Branch Wedding!

I am so excited to finally be sharing the photos from my wedding!!! I am now officially Mrs. Jimenez! The day was perfect! You will see as you scroll through the photos it was unique to me. I had an informal dress that I wore as guests arrived and we all ate dinner. Then I changed into my gown and everyone moved to the lawn for the ceremony! Dancing and Dessert followed! I loved every minute! The most common question I was asked is who took your photos? Well that would be my lovely second shooters! My sister Chandra carried her camera around, well because she couldn’t help it and Sarah & Ravin worked so hard all day long! Big thanks to all three of you! You guys did amazing! I chose way to may photos to put up here! So get ready for a really long post!

Jimenez (1)Jimenez (2)Jimenez (3)Jimenez (4)Jimenez (5)Jimenez (6)Jimenez (7)Jimenez (8)Jimenez (9)Jimenez (10)Jimenez (11)Jimenez (12)Jimenez (13)Jimenez (14)Jimenez (15)Jimenez (16)Jimenez (17)Jimenez (18)

Farmers Branch Family | Urbanic

This family is so much fun and such a joy to watch grow! Almost a year ago I was photographing Samuel’s new born session and now he’s on the move! I always enjoy the countless giggles and contagious smiles this family has to offer! Urbanic 1 Urbanic 2 Urbanic 3 Urbanic 4